Monday, October 24, 2011

Marketing System Packag

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Introducing Your Clone System Package

Your Free Package Includes...

 Your own squeeze page (home page) to build your database.
Your own squeeze page (home page) to build your database
Your own confirmation page (with special link to track sales)
Use of our product (to make sales and profit from)
Use of our selling system (for increased sale conversions)
Use of our Customer Support (so you don't have to worry about customer questions and problems)
Full training on how to set up your website, so you can be up and running today!
Complimentary copy of MCD (Marketing Dot Com) Monthly - marketing magazine compiled by some of the sharpest and most successful marketing minds on the planet - you can read, learn and steal their hottest secrets here!    
CD "Launch Your Product Online" - this is to give you a kick start with a 2nd website opportunity to cash in on with this program because we know not everyone will want to only have a website promoting the Clone System... you may be itching to get your own product/s out there :)

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